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Zip Lining

ziplining blindWays to navigate zip lining with low to no vision

The first time I zip lined was in 2016 while I was attending The Louisiana Centre for the Blind, receiving training to navigate life with sight loss.  What was unique about this adventure was that we all wore learning shades (a blindfold)!  It was…

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Neurological Disabilities

neurological disabilitiesYou may be familiar with the most known of the many neurological disabilities:

- Epilepsy. Abnormal electrical activity in the brain causing seizures.

- Parkinson’s Disease. A brain disorder that causes unintended or uncontrollable movements, such as shaking, stiffness, and difficulty with bal…

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Hot Air Balloons

Hot air baloonsVision loss is not only about losing your sight. It also is about gaining your blindness. 

Why would someone who can barley see, want to go in a hot air balloon?  

Because the experience is more than just a visual.

The energy of the crowd was electrifying. People buzzing around all happy …

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Free As a Butterfly: My Blindness Rehabilitation Journey

butterflyEditor’s note: On January 25, 2017, friends, family and members of CFB gathered at Paul’s Restaurant in Victoria, B.C. to celebrate Gina’s successful completion of the nine-month training program at the Louisiana Center for the Blind. Gina gave an interesting and inspiring presentation about her e…

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