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Breaking Through Barriers

Prepare to be inspired and have an experience at your next convention or event, with Gina Martin–an advocate in the community for inclusion, diversity, equality, accessibility, and language (IDEAL). In an ideal world our differences are viewed as normal. Gina's unique approach combines humor, practical teaching, and a personal commitment to creating spaces where everyone feels not just included but understood and welcomed. 

Meet Gina Martin   

Why Gina is a Game-Changer

Gina is not just a speaker who lives with diverse abilities herself, she is passionate about breaking through barriers that prevent others from participating fully in life.  She is a speaker who doesn't just talk about diversity - she lives it. Gina's energy and insightful perspectives promise to leave your team/audience inspired and prepared to make the necessary changes, moving forward.

  • Inclusive Innovation: Gina brings a fresh perspective to the table, explaining how embracing diversity will benefit all of us at some point. By the age of eighty we all will have diverse abilities. Learn how to celebrate our differences.
  • Breaking Through Barriers in Accessibility: With a deep understanding of accessibility challenges, Gina guides you on creating a workspace or event that is welcoming to all. Discover practical solutions to make your event accessible and memorable. 
  • Language is a free and powerful tool. Uncover the impact of the language you choose when speaking to or about people with diverse abilities. Learn the language that facilitates kindness for all. 
  • Laugh and Learn: Gina's adds humour to topics that can be uncomfortable for some people, so everyone feels safe to get curious and ask question that foster connection  throughout her keynote.
  • Hands-On Learning: Gina's teachings go beyond theory. She provides tangible, actionable strategies that your team can implement immediately, ensuring lasting impact.

What Awaits Your Audience

  • Gina's presentations are a journey, blending storytelling, humor, and expert insights.
  • Engaging Workshops are offered additionally to dive deeper into the topics that matter to your team/audience with interactive workshops designed to stimulate discussion and encourage active participation.
  • Gina tailors her content to resonate with your convention or event's theme and goals. 

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