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Hot Air Balloons

Hot air baloonsVision loss is not only about losing your sight. It also is about gaining your blindness. 

Why would someone who can barley see, want to go in a hot air balloon?  

Because the experience is more than just a visual.

The energy of the crowd was electrifying. People buzzing around all happy and excited. Listening to the sound of balloons inflating all around me, was so cool to hear. We lifted off at sunrise and the sky’s colours were spectacular. 

I personally have less than 10% useful peripheral vision.   one of my most used devices for accessibility is my trusted iPad. With my iPad  I am able to watch the screen and easily zoom in, take pictures and video which I then can look at under a magnifying glass or on a big screen later. 

I loved how slow moving the balloons were, this allowed me to take in visually as much as possible. When the fire was not burning and as we floated amoung hundreads of hot air balloons. The peaceful sound of silence is a experience one must have, to fully understand. The closest sound I can compare it too is the sound after a big snow fall and the world is just still. Breathtaking! 

This is one of the best experiences in my life. If you have a bucket list, just do it. Life is short and we do not know what tomorrow brings. 

Losing your vision does not change who you are. It changes your interactions with the world. 



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