Diverse Abilities

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Growing Informed and Empowered Communities

Community aDAPT (Diverse Abilities Practical Training)

Our program provides essential education and hands-on experience tailored for community members and volunteers. Designed to foster understanding and empower individuals with the best practices when communicating with, interacting with, and assisting people of all abilities. This program is a valuable resource for understanding diversity and promoting inclusion within our communities.

Why Choose aDAPT? 

  • Gain practical communication skills that facilitate meaningful interactions and promote inclusivity, while avoiding language barriers that may hinder connection. 
  • Learn how to navigate interactions with individuals who navigate life differently, with confidence and respect, fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.
  • With millions of Canadians with disabilities or diverse abilities, community-wide inclusivity is essential. By investing in our practical training, we contribute to building stronger, more welcoming  communities.

Training Focus Areas

  • Gain a broader understanding about both apparent and non-apparent, Disabilities or diverse abilities, to deepen awareness
  • Effective Communication Techniques: Language is a powerful tool. Learn strategies that promote respectful and meaningful interactions with individuals of all abilities.
  • Practical Accessibility Solutions: Discover hands-on tools and techniques to enhance accessibility in community spaces, ensuring that everyone can fully participate and contribute.

Invest in Inclusivity

Our Community aDAPT program for communities is an investment in creating welcoming and inclusive spaces for all. By equipping volunteers and community members with practical skills and knowledge, we empower individuals to actively contribute to a more inclusive future.

Schedule Your Training

We offer customizable training sessions to suit the needs of your community group or organization. Contact us today to schedule a session and discuss pricing options. Together, let’s use disability advocacy to build stronger more inclusive communities where everyone can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. This program is 60-90 minutes and costs $150-$300 depending on the number of participants and duration.